Some years ago, St. James Episcopal Church, now St. James Church, discussed and prayed about giving land to a possible retirement community. After much prayer the leaders of St. James agreed to give the land, which became Bishop Gadsden.

Over the years our church has given to many ministries and mission work throughout the world.

Recently our leader, the Rev. Arthur Jenkins, along with our vestry, agreed to give some of our property to James Island Outreach.

I have served as a volunteer for 10 years, and I am proud to say 14 churches have done a wonderful job giving food and money to a very wonderful group of folks. These folks are black and white, young and old and are very appreciative of our gifts. By the grace of God we could be next to be served. We also serve many veterans.

I hear that some neighbors are concerned that this ministry could hurt the value of their homes. I suggest by giving from our hearts we will be blessed in more ways than you can imagine.

We have had no problems with our beneficiaries and recommend the powers-that-be give St. James a green light to start this project on our property.

Jack Cranwell

Gin House Court