It has been more than a week since the tragic derailment of an Amtrak train in Philadelphia. Numerous articles and editorials have talked about railways’ failing infrastructure and installing more controls in Amtrak trains.

In this case it appears that the accident was not a failure of infrastructure but human error. The train was going more than twice the speed limit for the section of tracks where the accident occurred. The train accelerated from 70 mph to over 100 mph in the minutes before the crash.

The lead story after the accident was about how much Brandon Bostain, the engineer, loved trains all his life. That is bizarre. What we want and need to know is if blood tests show he tested positive for alcohol or drugs. Was he at the controls where he was supposed to be? Why did the train accelerate?

If I were to be driving 100 mph on Interstate 26 and increased my speed to 135 mph just before hitting a bus, killing seven people and injuring 200, would the headlines be focusing on how I loved cars when I was growing up? Would this lead to editorials on the poor road conditions in Darlington County?

Something is odd about this reporting. Hopefully, the media will soon provide us with facts germane to the incident.

David Bourgeois

Chucker Drive