Your article titled “Anti-gay rights bill similar to the North Carolina law filed in South Carolina” is misleading, considering that the bill is anti-trans, and therefore not (strictly speaking) anti-gay.

Gender identity and sexuality are not strictly correlative. A transperson may be attracted to members of the opposite or same sex, both or neither. Like any other person.

And, like any other person, they only wish to use the restroom in peace.

Unfortunately, the idea that cisgender (cis) men, meaning those who identify with the gender into which they were born, would use the notion of transgender safe restrooms to harass and abuse women is being used to punish an already marginalized group.

If you are concerned about cis men using women’s restrooms under the guise of trans-safety, trust me.

You are better to focus on the punishment of those cis men. Forcing trans-persons to use the bathroom of the gender to which they were assigned at birth will only cause more harassment.

Jessica McClellan

W. 148th Street

New York, N.Y.