In a May 1 letter, the writer referenced “gender identity problems” and the media’s coverage of Bruce Jenner.

The gentleman tells us about his stereotypical upbringing as a male, his love for sports, his enjoyment of looking at pretty women and his making a valiant effort to support the everlasting heterosexual male. He goes on to suggest he is a man trapped in a man’s body, and so I say “bravo” for him and the comfort he has in his own skin.

The Bruce Jenner story, is, once again, not about heterosexual males, rather, it is about the dignity and respect for all people. What may have seemed humorous to some as they read the letter, was painful to those of us who know and have known people who are in gender transition.

I find the author’s “coming out as a heterosexual” letter off-putting and unhelpful to those who feel Bruce Jenner’s story was and is helpful to them.

For the record, Mr. Jenner, until coming to terms with his own gender, sounds much like the author in his love of sports, women and pretty girls.

Bryan Thompson

Tidal Creek Cove