A recent letter boldly suggested that there is no need to push for equal pay for women because women are paid equally. Sadly, the writer is misinformed.

There is a 7 percent difference between pay received by males and females one year after college graduation even after accounting for college major, occupation, economic sectors, female choices, etc. After 10 years that gap is a 12 percent unexplained differential.

The gap in South Carolina between males and females for full-time, year-around workers age 16 and older is 22 percent.

In other words, South Carolina women made a median income of $32,951, and men made a median income of $41,599 in 2013. Over a lifetime this creates a huge difference in wealth and a definite difference in Social Security benefits and other retirement income.

The statistics are based on United States Census Bureau findings. We still have work to do, and if we progress at the same pace we are progressing now we can look forward to equality of income in 100 years. It has been slow going.

If you are an employer, look at your payroll and determine the facts and equal the paying field.

Ellie Setser

Public Policy Chair

S.C. American Association

of University Women

Trail Hollow Drive