We have seen a lot of change on James Island in the last 38 years.

Most people we know on the island were happy to see a Winn Dixie anchor the current Publix shopping center when that land was developed and to see Harris Teeter move into a bigger space on Folly Road. And most of us were very happy to get a Lowes on the island.

I vividly remember driving over the James Island Connector the day it was opened and being so excited that it was built. Before the connector, morning traffic would back up on Folly Road to the old Kmart (currently the Super Bi-Lo).

What the vast majority of my friends and neighbors do not want to see on James Island are more apartments, homes or “gathering places.”

Enough is enough. The roads cannot handle more traffic and congestion.

It is sad to see the destruction of the trees along Harborview Road for the latest subdivision of 92 homes.

That means an additional 184 cars (give or take) along with other James Island residents trying to get to work in the morning. And the scariest part is thinking about those 92 additional cars, along with the thousands of others, trying to get off the island when, not if, the next Hurricane Hugo threatens the Charleston area.

Local government and City of Charleston officials have done a terrible and irresponsible job by over-developing James Island and many other areas in Charleston. Bicycle lanes and sidewalks are not going to help us get anywhere.

Debbie McCravy

Larry McCravy

Blue Marlin Drive