Let’s look at the proposed S.C. gasoline tax increase in a more logical view. When oil companies raise prices sometimes 10 cents per week, week after week, the billions received are corporate profit. And while the consumer grumbles, little can be done about it.

The governor proposes adding 10 cents to the gasoline tax over three years, and offsetting the hike by lowering other taxes (a mistake in my opinion). But we can’t get any action without debate and delay.

The gas tax is a “use tax,” and as long as it is earmarked for our crumbling transportation infrastructure, the hike should be enacted sooner than later.

We pay the hidden tax over and over in repairs that shouldn’t have happened in the first place had the roads been in good repair. We have a lot of catching up to do; the longer we dally, the worse the situation gets.

I am generally not a proponent of new taxes; however, I believe that one should pay for what one gets. There is no “magic” place where money comes from: This is our bill, this is our charge, this is our responsibility; we must pay for it.

Charles Grenci

Jack Snipe Lane

Mount Pleasant