Charleston demographics have changed. Middle class families have returned to the peninsula. Hopelessly, helplessly fleeing city schools is not an option.

Indeed, parents with school- age children are demanding an excellent city high school as happened at James Simons Elementary, the first consensually integrated neighborhood school in Charleston history.

As Wagener Terrace Neighborhood president at the time, I led efforts to seek community input and majority consensus. The school’s Montessori format, principal White and the teachers are supported by the community.

Peninsula parents now are looking for answers at Burke High School. It is currently unsustainable. This year Burke will have a record low number of graduates.

Former graduates and former educators have spoken about the past. The question now is, “What will it take for you to send your child to Burke?” Ultimately, it’s about all of the children in the city.

F. X. Clasby, III

Board Chair

District 20

Riverside Drive