America does not need another Bush vs Clinton election. We need someone with fresh ideas to combat current relevant issues.

We need someone to stand strong for American values. We have to secure our borders and stop the hemorrhage of illegals entering our country. We need tax reform. The Obamacare law has made a complex tax code more complex. (Go, FairTax.)

We need to balance our budget. A $20 trillion deficit is not acceptable. We need to end abuse and fraud in Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

We need term limits for our representatives. A person who has been in Washington for 20 years has obviously not been effective.

We have to destroy IS. We need to put 500,000 boots on the ground and secure our children’s future. I’m not interested in a news anchor’s lies or seeing our leaders on any late night shows.

If anyone wants to talk about a war on women, talk to the 90 percent of Egyptian women getting genital mutilation or the girls kidnapped by Boko Haram who are still unaccounted for.

America needs a strong effective leader. Wake up, America.

Elizabeth Masiowski

Greeley Road

Mount Pleasant