Free adoptions offered by the Charleston Animal Society are a bad idea.

If CAS doesn’t conduct interviews or check the references of potential adopters, and if no donation or payment is required, a new owner would have “no skin in the game,” and CAS would have no idea who is taking possession of their dogs. The poor animal could end up as another Caitlyn or, worse yet, a bait dog.

By not asking the adopter to make a commitment of care with a donation on behalf of the dog, CAS is not asking the adopter to accept responsibility.

Pet Helpers does not allow free adoptions. Nor do animal rescue groups. Both check references and ask for applications. Certainly with the amount of money raised by CAS (via the wonderful firefighters’ calendar and the exposure due to Caitlyn), staff or volunteers could be available to check references and accept payment for the adoption. Rescue groups could help off-load the burden of dogs, but CAS has not reached out to rescues. I hope that CAS will rethink the model it uses to obtain its “no kill” reputation. It would be in the best interest of animals for CAS to take more than one day to give away so many dogs.

Diane Smith

Barrier Island Court

Mount Pleasant