A safe and loving home is a cornerstone for a happy, productive life, but many children experience fear and instability instead.

When that happens, foster parents are often called upon to provide safety and comfort.

I have worked with vulnerable kids in South Carolina for a couple decades, and I am amazed by their resilience. Their courage, with the help of foster parents who support them, creates brighter futures for these children.

The need for regularly and professionally trained foster parents right now is urgent, particularly for people willing to foster two or more siblings at once. The situation has reached a point where children are currently sleeping in local hotel rooms while they await placement.

Research shows that when siblings in foster care are kept together, they experience far better outcomes than those who are separated. They have a higher rate of being safely reunited with their families.

On average, siblings fostered together return home in less than nine months. In contrast, the nationwide average for all foster children is more than two years.

I want to thank those who open their hearts and homes to children in crisis. I also want to encourage others to do the same. Contact me at www.neighbortofamily.org.

McBee Zimmerman

Executive Director

Neighbor to Family

LaCrosse Road

North Charleston