Currently there are nearly 4,000 children in South Carolina in foster care. Unfortunately, there are not enough foster homes in our state to care for the population of children, particularly those with some type of special need. The lack of foster families decreases a child’s ability to remain in his community, which is important in order for the child to maintain family connections as well as attend his home school and place of worship. This often delays permanence for children.

There is an urgent need for loving, caring individuals who see the needs of children in their community, have the passion to respond to that need, and are committed to making life better for those children. These children need and deserve loving homes.

The South Carolina Youth Advocate Program (SCYAP) is continuously searching for adults/families who are able and willing to provide a safe, stable and nurturing home. The push to find families starts here and does not stop until children in need are matched with a family willing to share their hearts, their home and their time.

We believe a home should be safe and nurturing so that each child can grow to his fullest potential.

SCYAP has served children and families in South Carolina since 1990. Our programs promote individualized treatment, flexible programming, case and cause advocacy, community-based services and a positive approach to treating children and working with families.

We have a comprehensive array of services for children and families with serious emotional, behavioral, psychological and/or development issues. All of our children have some degree of emotional and/or behavioral problems. Most have been physically abused and/or severely neglected, and many have physical, mental and/or developmental challenges.

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