The National Park Service has taken down the four flags — two Union, two Confederate — which had flown under the Stars and Stripes at Fort Sumter for more than 40 years. The four flags are those which flew over the fort during the War Between the States. The two Southern flags are the first and second national flags, not the battle flag, which would never have flown over a fort.

Collectively, the four flags present an informative historical tableau evidencing the epic struggle over Fort Sumter waged by brave men on both sides — including Clarence Trouche, Palmetto Guards, First South Carolina Artillery.

I had supposed that the mission of the National Park Service included the preservation for future generations of our history, not just those portions which present-day political correctness deems acceptable. We should heed Cicero’s famous words, as true today as they were two thousand years ago: “To be ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to remain always a child.”


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