On a Sunday morning several months ago I took two people, each with an intellectual disability, for breakfast at a restaurant on a side street at Folly Beach. There were no handicapped spaces available anywhere near the restaurant. There was no way one of the people could walk very far. I couldn’t leave them at the restaurant while I searched for a place to park.

Finally, a space came open down the street. I could not park off the road because the ditch next to the road was full of water. I got a ticket for not having all four tires off the pavement.

I called the Folly Beach police and explained why I was parked without all four tires off the road. I was told to come to court and wait my turn to explain it to the judge.

I have a very busy life. It was easier to simply pay the ticket.

Maybe Folly Beach would feel more welcoming if the police checked who parks in handicapped spaces and increased the number of handicapped spaces. I hope that you never become handicapped. I hope that if you do there is a handicapped space waiting for you.

Paula Byers

Special Olympics

South Carolina

Montgomery Road