An article in the Dec. 5 Post and Courier describes an effort by the State Department of Transportation to revive the construction of a new Interstate 73, which would cut through the northeast corner of our state and connect Myrtle Beach to, of all places, Michigan.

The article states that the construction of I-73 is projected to cost $2.4 billion, but that only $4.65 million has been set aside to fund it. That is a little less than 0.2 percent of the intended costs. I wonder where the other 99.8 percent of the funding will come from.

I realize the goal of this much-criticized project is to promote easier tourist access to the Grand Strand, but I contend that the DOT needs to focus funding instead on the repair and maintenance of our badly deteriorated existing road infrastructure.

Let’s first look out for the citizens of our state before we concern ourselves too much about those from afar — like Michigan.

Eddie Collins

Oldwanus Drive

Mount Pleasant