The last thing the Mount Pleasant taxpayers need is another tax increase.

Taxpayers should not be asked to fund “nice to have” projects when “must have” projects (infrastructure) are not being built. There are plenty of roads that need to be repaired and resurfaced that should take priority over the items on the referendum.

As our state legislators falter on how to fix state roads one can easily come to the conclusion that cities and towns will have to take up the slack.

Where will that money come from — another tax increase? Before voting to fund new projects, someone needs to assess alternate means of providing the items covered by the referendum.

As an example, taxpayers recently approved money for new libraries. As readers continue to expand the use of E-readers and students use tablets in lieu of books, libraries need to rethink how their physical space will be used. Instead of devoting space for books, they can be used for community gathering spaces, or yoga classes or card playing. Those are some of the activities that now occur in the senior center.

And while walking trails are nice, the town already has miles of sidewalks that are grossly underused. Why add walking trails that will need maintenance on top of the maintenance required for the existing sidewalks? Looks like an opportunity for a future tax increase.

This referendum is asking for too much at a bad time for those on a fixed income, which has come to include folks working as well as those who are retired.

So on Nov. 3 vote No on the referendum.

Russell Read

Alexandra Drive

Mount Pleasant