It appears that our Summerville leaders just don’t get it. They have placed the cart before the horse inside the barn with the door closed. The boutique hotel is progressing despite problems with its location and its financial risk.

In prior years, historical buildings have been demolished, and it appears the same mistakes are about to happen again. A massive complex at one of the busiest intersections of town will create traffic problems, diminish privacy for the surrounding neighborhood and mean noise from the rooftop bar, which is very close to a church.

Summerville needs to improve and add sidewalks and street lighting, and pave streets. In many parts of town, pedestrians must walk on the side of the street without adequate street lighting. It is dangerous.

Downtown Summerville should also begin to place overhead utility lines underground. This project should be addressed before another disaster strikes our town and people are left without power. Placing lines underground will also prevent our “grand trees” from being butchered by SCE&G crews.

Concern for public safety and preservation seem to be low on the town’s priority list. Shouldn’t some of these safety projects and improvements be completed first? Instead of making investments to protect residents who pay their salaries, Town Council wants to issue $27.5 million in bonds to build the hotel/condo complex and roads off I-26.

I disagree with traffic studies that indicate the completion of the Berlin Myers Parkway will improve traffic flow in town. In my opinion, this will only be a Band-aid fix to our growing traffic problems.

We need to keep Summerville the unique town that it is. We do not need to increase housing density and become another Mount Pleasant, Charleston or North Charleston. Our leaders have made some good decisions in the past. The hotel complex is not one of them. Summerville would be better served with a much needed civic/convention center on the edge of town.

Before any major decisions are made, public input should be considered. That was not done in regard to the hotel project. Summerville belongs to everyone who lives here and should not be controlled by a select few.


Reynolds Road