I have deep concerns about the recently announced U.S.-Iran nuclear “framework.” I am particularly concerned about what is not addressed in it.

I believe that there is a gaping hole through which Iran could, and likely would, drive a nuclear weapon.

As best I can tell, the “framework” deals only with Iranian nuclear activities within Iran’s borders. I have not heard anything about restrictions on Iran conducting nuclear weapon development activities outside of Iran.

For example, does the “framework” address Iran partnering with another nation and sending its people to fully continue its nuclear activities?

Does it restrict Iran’s ability to purchase nuclear weapons from others and bring them into Iran or store them outside of Iran? If not, the “framework” and any actual agreement following it are useless in stopping or delaying Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons.

This would be an easy way for Iran to circumvent any agreement, a fact of which I am certain Iran is aware.

The current focus on intra-Iran activities only provides a “shiny object” by which to distract from what is missing in the framework. If my understanding of the “framework” is accurate, I believe that public discourse about it should include the critical missing pieces.

I greatly appreciate the interest our elected representatives in Washington have in blocking a nuclear Iran. I encourage them to remain strong against that happening.

Newt Klements

Confederate Circle