I support the removal from the Statehouse grounds of the old symbol of a lost cause that economically destroyed this state. It is called the Civil War, the most important event of this nation’s long history.

The right to celebrate one’s heritage or culture is not at stake, never was and never will be. What the continued flying of this flag represents, especially in light of the murder of nine of our fellow citizens, is that this flag is divisive at best and inflammatory to many.

What is at stake is the continuing insult that flying this flag poses to a considerable segment of our state’s population. Fringe groups have brought disgrace to this flag since the end of Reconstruction, including the KKK and other such terrorist groups. You do not have to be a member of the group that wants the flag taken off our Statehouse grounds to understand that the continual flying of this flag is an ongoing “slap in the face” to those who want it removed. It’s also a continual embarrassment for our state.

Nicolas C. Lempesis

E. Ashley Avenue

Folly Beach