No one wants inmates at Guantanamo in their backyard. But when was the last time 99 percent of our citizens saw the prisons in question?

Let’s save the $85 million a year spent at Guantanamo and use it for veterans from wars in the Middle East.

We could house prisoners at federal facilities without revealing who goes where. Upon arrival they would be ostracized by the other inmates. Give them the same rights as other American prisoners. I bet a dollar to a million they will end up with a new appreciation of our penal system in the USA. Escape is not possible, otherwise it would have been done by now.

Don’t let Congress know we have done this. It has more important things to do, such as balance the budget, lower taxes, fix our infrastructure, lower health care costs and meet more than two months a year.

Robert Lane

Knottingham Drive

Goose Creek

More VA problems

The Veterans Administration suicide hotline has struggled with staff training since 2013. One of six calls goes to a backup center to be answered. The VA inspector general found that a great number of these calls to the backup center go to voice mail.

The VA recommended taking steps to ensure no more voice mails and to improve staff training in 2015.

The comprehensive training initiative is finally under way.

I wonder why Sen. Lindsey Graham is not investigating the mistreatment of our war veterans today with this uncaring medical system.

Dennis L. Compton

Filly Court

North Charleston