How ironic it is that we pride ourselves on how much the Port of Charleston does for the economy of our state, in particular the number of cars BMW exports and the consideration of how many more we will send out when Volvo is up and running. Not only that, there is a record number of containers that need to be transported by trucks in and out of the port.

Yet the Legislature will not act on improving our roads, no matter what is suggested, to fund these improvements. How long is it going to take until these businesses are forced to move to other locations by our representatives’ inaction?

We, as the people who are supposed to be represented by these so-called legislators, need to take action. Contact your legislator and insist that this problem is addressed.

Or make it a point to vote them out and get someone in office who has the nerve to take action to save our failing infrastructure.

Jennings Lisk

White Heron Lane