I was shocked to see that Mount Pleasant is going to vote on a tax increase to build additional parks and recreation facilities.

I am a fitness instructor and trainer, and I love parks with trails for running and biking. I would love to see a trail we could roller blade on. However, until the traffic issues are resolved in Mount Pleasant, especially Highway 41, what is the point of adding parks and facilities that we can’t get to?

Once I’m back in Dunes West, I try to stay put because I know a simple trip up Highway 41 to the Isle of Palms could take 30 to 40 minutes. It used to take me 10.

Mount Pleasant has to address the traffic and provide safe evacuation routes and daily travel.

The only tax increase I will support will be for adding additional roads and improving what we have. Please, Mount Pleasant, take care of the people who are here now.

We don’t need additional growth on Highway 41 until after the traffic and road issues are addressed, and we certainly don’t need more parks that we can’t get to.

Jo A. Lavender

Rose Walk Court

Mount Pleasant