I read the May 17 article about I–526, and I am continually amazed that you can recount all the statistics about the cost and yet you cannot tally statistics about traffic. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that there’s a traffic problem on Highway 17 South. (There are also traffic problems on Maybank Highway and Folly Road.) The casual observer can witness the gridlock.

It does not take a Ph.D. in urban planning to figure out that more people are moving to the most popular city in the nation. Those who want to nix I-526 profess that by not completing it the traffic count won’t increase as fast. That’s ludicrous. Traffic will continue to increase, just on more congested roads.

Fortunately, I drive across the Ravenel Bridge and the James Island connector on a regular basis, avoiding going south on Highway 17.

It is easy to determine that one can get from downtown to the Mount Pleasant Town Center more easily than to Citadel Mall. Is there any wonder why Citadel Mall is failing and Mount Pleasant Towne Centre is booming?

Think about the Pearman Bridge vs the Ravenel. Witness that the current I-526 is already on overload. As my children say, “Do the math,” and “Go big, or go home.”

Do not Nix I-526, Fix I-526.

Belk Daughtridge

Lowndes Street

Mount Pleasant