An article several weeks ago discussed the difficulty with preventing algal blooms on neighborhood retention and drainage ponds. This is not a difficult issue to fix. The problem is due to fertilizer leaching into the ponds.

The solution is to plant a border of maintenance-free native wetland plants along the edges of the pond, and then to put floating pots of wetland plants into the pond itself.

There are many ways to accomplish floating pots — simply Google “floating pond pots.” We have many lovely native wetland species, and I’m always happy to advise on species choices.

Recently a letter writer was extolling his father for years of tossing Chinese wisteria seeds along River Road. What was really happening was a totally inexcusable, intentional spread of an extremely damaging non-native invasive species (NNIS).

Most ecologists, me included, regard NNIS as a threat second only to actual habitat loss to the viability of our native ecosystems.

I suggest browsing through to learn more about the negative effects of spreading all NNIS.

Finally, last week we realized a turn signal was out on our fairly ancient truck. The lovely people at Hay Tire told me that actually, not only was the blinker out, but a backup light and both tag lights were out. It was clear from the state of corrosion that these other lights had been out for some time.

Never once have the police stopped these middle-aged white folk for a problem with our lights.

Jean Everett, Ph.D.

Murphy’s Court