The dichotomy of opinions that you can find in the newspaper never ceases to amaze me. In the Sunday March 27 editorial section you see two contrary articles.

First, we see “Step up to challenges of growth” and then we see “I-526 a governmental hot potato.”

The editorial on “step up to challenges” highlights the growth of the Lowcountry and talks about the need for mass transportation and bicycles, but it failed to mention the horrible situation we face with repairing our roads. If you want to build for the future, then you need to finish I-526.

The new mayor has pledged to, and is supposedly “on task” to revitalize and develop West Ashley. Ask yourself, “What is the biggest obstacle we need to overcome in bringing the West Ashley district into the new millennium?” The answer, of course, is traffic congestion. I’m all for trolley cars, light rail and express buses, but the reality is we need to start planning now for transportation that we will need over the next decade.

What is amazing to me is that the answer to mitigate the traffic congestion is right in front of us (and has been for 20 years) and no one wants to deal with the “hot potato.”

While completing I-526 is not a panacea, it will definitely provide more relief to the traffic congestion in West Ashley than any other alternative. (Apologies and condolences to the bikers.)

The Main Road incidents, the flooding of the Crosstown, the bumper-to-bumper daily grind on the Ravenel Bridge and on the North Area section of I-526, the mess on Highway 17S and Folly Road are all prime examples of the need for highways of the future and of the poor planning that we have had in the past. By the time we get the wake-up call from the disaster evacuation logjam on the islands that is ultimately going to occur, it will be too late.

The people are here. The solution is here. Email or write your representative, senator, and mayor.

Belk Daughtridge

Lowndes Street