A lot is being said about improvements to Citadel Mall and Sam Rittenberg Boulevard and developing the “DuWap” (Dupont-Wappoo) corridor.

Have the good people in the county and the city forgotten that the deadline for I-526 is rapidly approaching?

Johns Island is the largest sea island in the state, county and city. When the next disaster strikes, and it will, another bridge over the Stono River to West Ashley the “mainland” might not be there if I-526 isn’t completed.

Government officials need to understand that Main Road and Folly Road will not be able to handle the evacuation traffic. That was proven when Main Road flooded last fall and all the traffic on and off Johns Island was diverted through James Island.

The infrastructure on Johns Island cannot sustain the traffic generated by those residents who live on Johns, Kiawah, Seabrook and Wadmalaw islands.

Take a drive across Johns Island at rush hour on any weekday. Follow the commercial and construction vehicles and you will see the number of new homes being built.

While you travel along Main Road, River Road, Brownswood Road and Maybank Highway, notice the new developments and the land for sale, the traffic and the fact that all the roads on Johns Island are two lanes.

Think about the congestion in front of St. Johns High School when both the high school and Angel Oak Elementary School are in session because there are no dedicated turn lanes on Main Road.

Residents of James Island are already discussing congestion on Folly Road and Maybank Highway generated by recent residential developments.

There have been meetings about future considerations for Folly Road and a “pitch fork” road off Maybank Highway on Johns Island. I-526 was off the discussion table.

The time is now to begin upgrading the infrastructure on the sea islands.

Being proactive is intelligent and cost-effective. A great place to start is another bridge over the Stono River — and the completion of I-526.

Judith L. White

August Road

Johns Island