I read with interest the April 27 letter lauding the excellent article by David Slade offering information on colleges which provide financial assistance to students.

I would like to add another institution which has found a way to meet such financial needs. Several years ago, Wellesley, a women’s college in Massachusetts, established a policy of “blind admission,” a program which admits qualified young women without regard to their ability to pay.

Only when a qualified student has been admitted is she asked whether she requires financial assistance and, if so, asked to submit financial information. When verified, the data submitted form the basis of a financial package of grant, loan and a campus job to cover her costs, sometimes the entire cost.

The purpose is to find the best qualified young women without regard to their financial circumstances. I would hope that qualified young women, their parents and school advisors make note of this program.

Helen Y. Dolan

Franke Drive

Mount Pleasant