A recent letter to the editor concerned Fox News. I work at night and enjoy Fox News daily before I go to sleep. I want to hear the news, not someone’s opinion. That is why I switched to Fox from CNN news many years ago. On my nights off I enjoy Bill O’Reilly and Meghan Kelly very much too.

I want to know what is happening in the world and what our president is going to do to make our nation safe. I think he is not really in control — nor is he trying to take control. ISIS is our biggest threat and he cannot even acknowledge that the threat exists.

I voted for him once and learned a good lesson. I hope one day he wakes up and realizes the dangers we face as a nation. Israel is our ally and he dismisses the nation.

Fox News tells me what I need to know. That is why I am a Fox News fan and will always be one.

Jeri F. Burch

Heatherglen Court

North Charleston