I was absolutely taken aback when I opened my paper Feb. 5 and saw the headline “Churches stand up against gun violence.”

What about temples, mosques and synagogues across the state that “stood up”? The headline should have read, “Faith communities unite against gun violence.”

For the past many months, our political and religious leaders and institutions have all cried out for inclusiveness and unity, but the words on the front page of the paper demonstrate, sadly, that we have not come very far.

Recently my synagogue, Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim, along with Synagogue Emanuel, dedicated the entire service to this topic. Three inspiring people spoke about their personal, tragic stories of gun violence and how their lives have been affected.

The director of GunSenseSC spoke eloquently about the need for each citizen to write his legislators and let his voice be heard. Our service concluded with the rabbis asking us to stand up and pledge that we would write and we would rally at the state Capitol when asked.

I think The Post and Courier owes us an apology for this grievous omission.

Faye Seigel

Rice Field Lane

Mount Pleasant