I am disturbed and disappointed by the failure of the national media and the American people to speak out clearly, loudly and with greater forcefulness against the statements, tactics and strategy of Donald Trump.

As the current leading candidate (among likely Republican voters) to gain the nomination of his Republican Party to be president, he should instead be the leading candidate for ridicule and even disqualification. His past disparagement of President Obama as not being born here was despicable.

His constant statements that the U.S. is going to hell in a hand basket, that our leaders are stupid, incompetent and weak, and that our economy is in distress that only he can fix, all proclaim that without him our country is doomed. He (and his hat) say that he is the only person in the world who can “make us great again.”

Trump promotes a kind of bigotry and isolationism, and he is an egotist beyond imagining.

By appealing to the disaffected, uninformed, military hawks and the extreme right, Trump is bringing the Republican Party to its knees and embarrassing all of us. He and his views should be soundly rejected.

Steve Bernholz

Chalmers Street