I think the Charleston County School Board has not only botched Dr. Nancy McGinley’s forced departure but the entire superintendent search process, so now the Charleston County School District will once again go through turmoil.

It is not fair to students, parents, teachers and the hard working staff of CCSD. They deserve better leadership from their board.

But, I am disappointed that none of the reporting has made the very important point that Dr. Lisa Herring has never served as a principal. How do you select a candidate with this serious gap in her resume over ones that have not only successfully served as principals and senior leaders in other large districts?

Rev. Nelson Rivers is a good man, but he and the local African-American community may not have any idea about this critical issue. It is especially important to the 80-plus principals the superintendent must lead and supervise, and I am sure it was a critical point for board members.

Would the Navy ever select a line officer for admiral who never had command at sea? Never.

Any candidate must have a viable command/principal tour to be competitive; unfortunately my good friend Dr. Herring did not punch this critical ticket. If she had punched her ticket as a principal, Rev. Rivers’ concerns might be valid.

I hope future reporting can articulate this key point to be fair to Dr. Postlewait — she did not create this mess.

William Lewis

Darts Cove Way

Mount Pleasant

Mr. Lewis is the former chief operations officer for capital programs for the Charleston County School District.