It is a very exciting and important time for West Ashley and the City of Charleston.

The mayor’s State of the City speech noted a number of priorities, with West Ashley prominent among them.

He summed things up recently at the Town and Country Inn while addressing the West Ashley James Island Business Association, along with members of other groups such as the Old Charleston District Task Force, West Ashley Rotary Club and St. Andrews PSD. Residents and business representatives also attended.

The capacity crowd heard and shared additional insights regarding problems, resources and possible solutions. Later that day at St. Andrews Middle School, an overflow crowd heard city and county staff and politicians present the proposed Dupont-Wappoo (DuWap) district plans.

It is apparent that things are happening in West Ashley where increasing conversation is bringing renewed attention to the challenges and opportunities. This is very encouraging, and I look forward to more progress from this momentum.

Barry Whalen

Leinbach Drive