An April 11 letter titled “Teach both sides” belittles evolution as a “theory” and wants the competing theory of intelligent design (creationism) taught in public schools. The writer considers it bias that evolution is taught in science class and God is not taught.

A scientific theory like evolution or gravity is a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world that is acquired by using observation and experimentation.

From Darwin on, countless peer-reviewed scientific papers have supported evolution. We wouldn’t have expected scientifically ignorant writers of so-called holy books who lived thousands of years ago to have described the theory of evolution (or DNA, or any discovery of modern science), and they didn’t. The Bible is not a science book.

Evolution is controversial, but the controversy is religious and political, not scientific. Well over 99 percent of scientists accept evolution, though they may disagree on certain details.

Some religions feel threatened by evolution because it flatly contradicts the creation story in Genesis. Even though there continues to be a flat earth society, we don’t teach the flat/round controversy in science class.

Creationism should no more be taught as an alternative to the theory of evolution by natural selection than “stork theory” should be taught as an alternative to sexual reproduction. Creationism is an alternative to Zeus or Krishna, not Darwin.

Herb Silverman

George Street