Several letters and op-ed columns have been critical of Fox News, especially its apparent bias in favor of the “Right.” I suspect other cable news sources are equally as biased in favor of the “Left.” I can only suspect because we decided a very long time ago to stop watching news on television, and that includes local outlets as well.

When traveling, which we do frequently, we read the paper from the nearest city. That way we read about local events, we see the local weather report, we see the comics of our choice and we get a crossword or two.

I suggest shutting off the TV, reading the morning paper, and then recycling it, which you can do on your way out for a walk.

And as for the weather, look at the bird feeder. If you can see it, it’s clear; if it’s wet, it’s raining; if it’s white, it snowed; if you can’t see it, it’s foggy; and if it’s gone it’s a hurricane.

David L. Fortiere

Atlantic Avenue

Sullivan’s Island