The op-ed column by Furman education professor P.L. Thomas has to rank among the most out-of-touch analyses of public school problems ever written.

He suggests that dismal performance in certain schools is the result of racial inequity based on an ideology of “white privilege.”

How ironic that this man, who enjoys a cushy professorship at a mostly white private college, should rail against the benefits of school choice and a free-market approach to education.

He completely ignores the critical role of individual responsibility in relation to education performance, and promotes an atmosphere of victimization instead of achievement. Without classroom discipline and without committed parents, schools will suffer, and families who want better should be able to make the choice for transfer to a more conducive learning environment.

No one is “left behind.” All students have classrooms and teachers and can achieve if they make the effort. And there is no “white privilege.”

My mother grew up on a farm on Yonges Island during the Great Depression and went to class in a run-down public school in Hollywood, S.C.

Yet she applied herself and won a scholarship to Marymount College in New York at the age of 16.

There’s a simple lesson in life for this professor and those who underachieve in school — take responsibility, and don’t blame your failures on someone else.

Michael Trouche

Oak Park Drive

Mount Pleasant