Having been on the board of InterFaith Crisis Ministry for several years, I was involved with the Palmetto House, a homeless shelter located in Summerville. We struggled to keep the doors open and to seek funds. We managed to get a grant to buy property and built it with many volunteers and donated money.

It was sold to the One80 Place shelter in Summerville for $5 to run, but One80 Place has closed it and wants to sell it. The asking price is $450,000.

It is a slap in the face for all of those folks who worked so hard to provide a shelter for the homeless, who are many in Summerville and the surrounding area.

The message that I get is: Don’t try to help the homeless.

One80 Place should sell it back to the powers that be for $5, and funds could be obtained to open the shelter.

John Calvert

Wilson Drive