As we ramp up for our busy tourist season here in the Charleston area, more tourists and residents alike will be enjoying the beautiful Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge.

I love walking this bridge several times a week all year round, but lately I have seen an onslaught of people bringing their dogs on the bridge. Apparently any and all signs that are posted at the bridge entrance are ignored or not seen. Not only do they bring their dogs but they do not pick up after them. Not fun. I love animals, but the bridge is not the place for them — there is a reason for those signs.

My concern is safety. It is very dangerous for everyone. I am not sure what the answer is — more signs, bigger and more prominent signs, imposing fines, ads in local periodicals and tourist guides?

We are blessed to have this awesome landmark to enjoy. Let’s keep it safe and clean and follow the posted rules when using it.

Shannon L. Stark

Rochelle Avenue