Congratulations to the family of former Mayor Richard L. “Dick” Jones and the Town of Mount Pleasant upon the 25th anniversary of the dedication of the R.L. Jones Recreation Center.

For those readers new to the area, Dick Jones was a two-sport Hall of Fame athlete at The Citadel who, but for an untimely injury, likely would have played Major League baseball. Fortunately for the Town of Mount Pleasant, Dick and his lovely wife, Patty, chose to make Mount Pleasant their home and to raise their children, Ricky and Cindy, in our town.

Dick became the town’s first recreation director and, along with the late Jimmy Seignious, developed a recreation program which is arguably one of the best, if not the best, in the state today.

In those days, the town’s budget for recreation was relatively small, as was the town’s population, so it was not uncommon for Dick and Jimmy to handle all aspects of the recreation department, from organizing sports teams and volunteer coaches to preparing the fields for practices and games. They always got the job done, rain or shine, and many a child directly benefitted from their tireless efforts over many years.

In 1984, Dick became mayor of the Town of Mount Pleasant and served in that position honorably until 1991. His tenure included very difficult times following Hurricane Hugo in 1989. Dick’s leadership as mayor was invaluable.

Those of us who knew Dick remember his dedication to our town, his friendly smile, his playful spirit and his unyielding positive attitude, which enriched the lives of all those who crossed his path.

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the dedication of the R.L. Jones Recreation Center, we take a moment to reflect and to say again “Thank you, Mr. Mayor, for all you did on behalf of our town and its people.”

John Dodds

Lowcountry Boulevard

Mount Pleasant