unfair regulations imposed by the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control. Over a month ago, I applied for a permit to sell pre-cooked hot dogs on the weekends from a cart at Folly Beach. This was to be a very simple operation to make a few extra dollars on the side. I was going after the American Dream to become an entrepreneur.

I had my Folly Beach City license and my S.C. retail license. My cart met the standards set forth by DHEC as far as construction. I took a food safety course that is actually not required until June, and I am now a certified food safety manager (good for five years).

I had banners and aprons made with my logo. I planned to use the American Legion on Folly Road as my DHEC-approved kitchen (which is silly because I was not going to prepare food in my cart but simply reheat it). I had even planned to buy already diced onions so no food preparation was necessary.

Now DHEC tells me that I have to park my cart at the American Legion. There is another hot dog cart owner who uses the American Legion as his kitchen but is not required to park the cart there because he signed up before it became a regulation.

This is unfair. If I must park my cart at the kitchen I use, then all other mobile food service vendors should have to do the same.

I maintain that it is DHEC’s responsibility to require every mobile food cart vendor to adhere to this new regulation.

I cannot understand why DHEC is making it almost impossible for me to start my own small business, which is almost as simple as a child’s lemonade stand (imagine the germs on those). The American Legion tells me it may not fit in with their insurance coverage for me to park my cart there.

In the meantime, this other hot dog vendor is allowed by DHEC to park his cart at his house or wherever he chooses.

This is not only discriminatory but also puts S.C. citizens at risk for possible food borne illness (according to DHEC’s reasoning).

I have relinquished the coveted selling spot across from the Folly Beach pier and lost my $4,000 investment. I wonder why South Carolina makes it so hard to start your own business.

Leisa Lawrence

Pearlott Street