Perhaps South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson’s actions were legitimate, but his firing of Solicitor David Pascoe, who was investigating possible wrongdoing in the Legislature, doesn’t pass the smell test.

Given the Legislature’s failure to pass ethics reform and the good old boy system in Columbia, it would be better to pass the investigation on to the feds. Have Atty. Gen. Loretta Lynch take over the case. Perhaps it won’t be a perfect solution, but it will remove any appearance of impropriety or cover-up.

Many of us remember Operation Lost Trust from 1990 — at the time the largest legislative public corruption prosecution in U.S. history. Many felt some of the corrupt politicians got away. Some of us are now wondering if Pascoe wasn’t getting too close to the truth, hence his removal. The finger pointing is keeping the investigation from moving forward.

If we are to restore the public’s trust in our elected leaders, all appearance of impropriety, conflict of interest or any cover-up must be removed. Our faith in government must be restored.

David C. Bowers

S. Constellation Drive

North Charleston