Jennifer Berry Hawes’ Feb. 8 article puts a realistic, devastating face on the plight of unauthorized immigrants. While unauthorized, many immigrants are good, well-intentioned human beings who contribute much to our society, including paying taxes.

This story is tragic because it tells of the greater problems that result from breaking up families by deportation of a parent.

A family that was self-sustaining and contributing to society is now dependent on our society because its primary wage earner was lost by deportation.

Now they become eligible for and need Medicaid and food subsidies.

At the same time, sadly, the legal, documented children are now without a father, and their mother can no longer be a supportive, hands-on parent because she is working whenever possible to pay the rent.

It is time that Congress and the president work together to revolve some of these issues.

Republicans may be right by saying Obama overstepped his authority, but may I remind them that they did not support the similar McCain-Bush agenda on immigration. Republicans seem to find any excuse to not face the realities of undocumented immigrants currently in our country.

Deportation does not solve the problem. It only creates bigger problems in our society.

Christine M. Strobel

Middle Dam Court

Johns Island