Stop me if you’ve heard this one. A developer buys property on an eroding beach, builds a big house, sells it for a ton of money, and walks away very happy.

The purchaser is happy too, until the sand reaper comes a-calling.

What’s a homeowner to do when erosion threatens his foundation? Put up a seawall and destroy the public beach? Petition the government to shell out millions for a beach nourishment project? Find solace in the welcoming arms of the federally-subsidized flood insurance program?

As a taxpayer this is not a scenario I like being a part of, and yet this is what Kiawah developers, time and time again, ask for in their quest to build on Captain Sam’s Spit, a narrow strip of land continuously reshaped by waves and wind.

One time they got so far as to have a U.S. congressman from our state working to give them special consideration status in the flood insurance program. (Note: Said congressman is no longer in office.)

Their request is being heard yet again in a state Senate subcommittee. Please encourage your representatives to hold tight and deny this request today, tomorrow, next year, next lifetime.

Donna McCaskill

Governors Court

Mount Pleasant