Among the many wonderful attributes that make Joe Riley the best mayor in the country — and perhaps the world — is his ability to help our community heal during times of great tragedy. Never has that been more apparent than in the aftermath of the horrific murders that took place in our city June 17 — even surpassing his amazing stewardship following Hurricane Hugo in 1989.

As someone who has the honor of knowing the great man (and make no mistake, he is no less than that), I am well aware that he has been looking forward to retiring from the post he has so remarkably filled for the last four decades. That being said, I am respectfully requesting that he postpone doing so for another four years.

Mayor Riley, Charleston needs your leadership more than ever. Perhaps the greatest gift you could give the city you love so much is one more term to help heal it during this time of such unimaginable pain.

I am confident that I am not alone in my belief.

Randolph Pritchard

Stefan Drive