Having recently read a book by Singer and Avery, “Unstoppable Global Warming (Every 1,500 years),” I am now an even more adamant climate change denier than ever.

History repeats itself, and so does climate change. It occurs in cycles of roughly 1,500 years.

First, is it global warming or climate change? I guess the term had to change when “global warming” couldn’t explain long winter cold spells or record-setting snowstorms. One of the chief “enemies” in this business is carbon dioxide. What is conveniently ignored, except by Singer and Avery, is that carbon dioxide has been shown to increase the rate of growth of many plants.

Singer and Avery debunk all of the garbage that we’re being fed by Obama, Al Gore, the media and scores of others.

The authors demonstrate that periods of warming and cooling have occurred for thousands of years, going back to biblical times, and they have documentation from many places in the world. We are currently in a cycle of warming that goes back to the last century.

Iceland is an example of a place that has at times been unable to sustain human life; at other times, during warmer periods, crops could grow there and sustain life.

The Middle Ages were cold. Thus, in many areas of Europe crops that normally grew could not. As a result, during plagues, more people died than might have otherwise because they were too malnourished to fight the illnesses.

A final factor to take into account in this whole climate change business is money. Follow the money. How much has Al Gore made from all his bogus pronouncements?

Bill Hausler

Out of Bounds Drive