The July 14 letter titled “Military cuts” caught my attention. I hope it caught the attention of others who are interested in the national security of the USA. If so, I hope they are as outraged as I am.

At the same time we are cutting 40,000 Army troops because of budget cuts and sequestration, and forcing out professional military personnel who have served honorably through 14 years of non-stop wars that have hardly inconvenienced the vast majority of our citizenry, we continue to waste vast sums on measures that have zero (or even negative) impact on our military readiness.

These are almost too numerous to mention, but include the extra expense of accommodating transgender personnel in the ranks, running ships and facilities on “green energy,” retrofitting submarines to accommodate female crew members, revamping our training facilities to incorporate female soldiers and Marines in ground combat units, and the ever-growing DOD civilian workforce.

One might think that when our country is confronted by so many challenges as at the present time (e.g. Russia, China, ISIS, Iran and a host of other Islamic threats), the national leadership would be doing all that is possible to spend what money we have for defense on those measures and troops that actually enhance our security.

Actually, in a rational world, one would expect our leaders to find the resources to fund a military that is unequivocally able to deter our many enemies.

Does anyone really think that we are currently deterring Russia in Ukraine, or China in the South China Sea, or Iran all over the Middle East? People and governments forget one of the iron laws of history: Military strength is the best guarantor of peace.

Two mysteries remain. One, why are almost none of the GOP candidates except for Sen. Lindsey Graham discussing and bemoaning our shrinking military force structure?

Why hasn’t a single one of our senior military leadership “fallen on his sword” to call attention to the obvious atrophying of our once proud and capable military? Sadly, empty claims by our political leadership that we have the finest and most capable military the world has ever seen just don’t ring true anymore.

Richard T. Wright

Captain, U.S. Navy (Retired)

Meeting Street