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Letter: Cyclists should take safety seriously

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I am very disturbed by what could have been a terrible accident Nov. 18. I had just picked up a pizza from Papa John’s on Wesley Drive near the In and Out Car Wash. I checked to see if any traffic was coming from the left so I could make a right turn onto Wesley Drive. I make it a habit to look right for any pedestrians that might be approaching as well.

It was clear, and I started to make my turn when, from out of the blue, a bicyclist whizzed right in front on me on the sidewalk. It was 6:45 p.m. and dark. I never saw him until he sped past my headlights. I hit my brakes and avoided hitting him.

The bicyclist was going extremely fast and never even considered that a car might be exiting the parking lot. He had a flashing light on the back of his bike, but that is no help when he is approaching.

I am also an avid bicyclist and want to urge others that if you use sidewalks to travel, it is imperative to watch out for cars that might be exiting driveways or parking lots. It would be prudent also to keep your speed low, especially at night.

You are not supposed to use sidewalks, by the way. You can never be too careful, especially with drivers constantly checking their phones.

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I just thank God that nothing happened, and I am glad, sir or ma’am, that you are safe and well.

Robyne Brown

Folly Road


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