David Brooks, the pseudo-conservative who often appears on TV, must be worried about the rise of Ted Cruz in the polls, judging by his Dec. 13 hit-piece column.

Brooks is part of the problem in this country, a shill for the Republican establishment that many of us abhor. There are a number of reasons why Brooks and his ilk despise Cruz. For one, Cruz has gone to Washington and actually done what his constituents elected him to do.

Brooks wrote that Cruz’ “efforts to shut down the government did enormous harm to the Republican Party and the country.”

Really? How? If true, why, thereafter, did the Republican majority in the House grow? Why are they now in the majority in the Senate? How was the country harmed?

What Brooks and his buddies are really annoyed about is that Cruz is doing end run around them like Reagan did. He is doing well without the approval of the arrogant elites. He is speaking directly to the people.

In truth, the hot shots of both parties love power; they don’t want the American people to have a say in how things are done and what laws are enacted. Brooks accuses Cruz of being Machiavellian.

Having read Machiavelli in college, I know who the Machiavellians are; they are in power now.

Bill Hausler

Out of Bounds Drive