The local bicycle lobby is overpowering good sense. Promoting West Ashley bicycle access to the peninsula by removing a vehicle lane from heavy traffic on the Ashley River Bridge might be a plus for cyclists. It is, however, clearly a senseless move for visitors and residents of the city who battle traffic jams, delays and congestion daily on narrow streets designed and built for horses and carriages.

Funneling bicycles, or any additional vehicles, into heavy traffic on Calhoun Street, Lockwood Boulevard and the hospital district will only add to existing delays and confusion there and elsewhere.

With increased development of apartments, hotels and condos — and with more planned — downtown streets are now teeming with cruise traffic, horse-drawn carriages, sightseeing buses, vans, bicycles, pedi-cabs, trucks and pedestrians. The future for Charleston streets looks grim — without the addition of West Ashley bicycles.

There are beautiful, uncrowded venues west of the Ashley that welcome cyclists.


Alexander Street