I have no dog in the hunt in the Sergeant Jasper dispute. I don’t live on the peninsula, and I know no one on either side of this impasse.

However, from where I sit, those opposing the Beach Company’s renovation of this development — property it paid for and rightfully owns — will be satisfied only if the owner agrees to lie down and let them decide every detail of the redevelopment.

From what I read, the Beach Company has been more than reasonable and has offered a variety of options in an attempt to meet the desires of all parties, putting aside some land, which could be used to produce revenue, in order to benefit the greater community.

When I moved back three years ago to the Holy City after a nearly 40-year absence, I expected more from the community I have always considered my hometown.

I believe I speak for many Charlestonians when I say we’re tired of reading about this, and we need to move on to more important matters like finding adequate housing, education and transportation for the most vulnerable in our community.

Michelle Farmer

Bounty Street

Daniel Island