When I read the Feb. 8 letter to the editor about coyote traps on Sullivan’s Island I felt a chill in my soul. Leg traps are one of the most heinous forms of torture to animals, and humans, that exist in the world today. Many states are banning them.

I am shocked that the Town Council would suggest such a solution. They apparently are unaware of the suffering of animals caught in these vicious traps. Often they chew their leg off to escape, and it takes a long time for them to die a horrible death.

So what is the answer? Poison will kill pets. It seems the only reasonable answer is to learn to co-exist with them. They have attacked no human and seem to stay to themselves.

Traps are unacceptable unless you are a sadist. “We are known by the way we treat our animals.” This way must be stopped.

Vista Anne Grayson

Bishop Gadsden Way